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We had a great turnout at the PING DEMO Day June 13th at Algonkian Regional Park GC. Golfers had a chance to interact with the PING represenative as well as TSKGolf Instructors, test the latest equipment and get free video assessments all at the same time. Click here for pics from the event and come back often for the latest scheduled demo days from leading equipment manufacturers.




Triple "S" Kinetic Golf


Triple "S" Kinetic Golf - Mission

TSKGolf's mission is to create the highest levels of golf competency and enjoyment for our customers by providing them with innovative products and services that include online video instruction, personalized teaching and instructor certification through a system engineered to create, develop, maintain and manage golf skills at all levels.

TSKGolf supports this mission and meets customer expectations through:

  • Our instructors, who are provided opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to satisfy customers.

  • Our products, which are delivered with the innovation, quality, and price expected by our customers.

  • Our services, which are monitored and measured to assure they are provided at the highest possible levels.

  • Our methodologies, which are continually being reviewed to assure they are current, valuable and supporting of continuous improvement for our customers and our company.

Triple "S" Kinetic Golf - Overview

Kinetics is the study of motion and its relationship to a rigid body. The Triple "S" Kinetic Golf System (TSKGolf) takes the science behind kinetics and directly applies it to a powerful golf motion. The two major forces around us that most affect our ability to perform on the golf course don't include how you hold the club, or if you shift your weight or even if you have visualized your shot. While these are important factors, and have been "taught to death", as players and regardless of our physical dexterity the two most significant forces that directly impact the result of our swings are centrifugal force and gravity. The Triple "S" Kinetic golf system focuses on twenty specific points encompassing all factors needed to execute a powerful swing with an emphasis on the relationships between body positions and these two key forces.

The Triple "S" Kinetic system is a Performance Based Objective System based on years of experience founded in science. A detailed breakdown of the TSKGolf system identifies ten critical points that comprise a players body setup and ten additional position points in the actual swing which assure a quality motion resulting in solid ball striking and great results on the course. These twenty points form the basic structure of the kinetic golf swing. The importance of understanding non-logical body movement is at the center of the Triple "S" Kinetic golf philosophy.

For each movement, there is an opposite movement from both voluntary and involuntary muscle groups. It is important to understand the components of power and of natural forces, which directly affect the golf swing. The information on this site and the instruction available will allow you to build a foundamentally sound kinetic golf swing. Some of what you will find may seem opposite that which you have been taught or read in the past. As you will quickly learn, the fundamentals have not changed but in reality the subtle differences between players and their body types hasn't been addressed in traditional golf instruction. TSKGolf embraces those subtle differences with the application of kinetic science to make significant, repeatable and reliable changes to your golf swing.

We challenge you to experience the kinetic approach to instruction and learning. Our team of experienced instructors will provide you the methodologies to play your best golf more often and we are confident you can take your game to the next level.

Triple "S" Kinetic Golf - Features

  • Online Instruction: Submit your swing videos and pics to our trained instructors. We will review and comment on specific issuers/topics that include setup, swing and follow through. In the convenience of your own home, we will tell you how to record your swing, post it to our instructor staff and establish customized, one on one communication with us at TSKGolf.Net. You can choose one of three levels of instructional support designed specifically to help improve your game based on your individual needs and characteristics.

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    Visit our Services area to determine which level of instruction works best for you.

  • Swing Tips: Posted regularly and FREE to visitors of '' Learn the secrets our instructors have used successfuly for years and see how they can positively impact your game immediately

  • The Business of Golf: Golf can be used to build both personal and business relationships. Our teaching staff offers a number of team building, corporate fund-raising, corporate play discounts, leagues and personality trait assessment packages all with your coprorate goals in mind.

  • Contact us or give us a call to discuss a specific plan just for you.

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    The theories/concepts expressed on this site are solely those of TSKGOLF.NET


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The TSKGolf Junior Golf Program continues to be a huge success. 2011 has shaped up to be an excellent season getting fourteen jr. players signed on to their respective high school golf teams. Our proven system can transform your golfing youngster into a golfer ready for the fun and competition of high school and collegiate golf.

Whether you are looking for onsite instruction with a TSKGolf teaching pro or want to simply have your juniors video reviewed online, give us a call at (703)450-4655 Ext 106 to speak with our Junior Golf Coordinator.


Check out our 2011 packages! New packages include:

  • Partner Packs - Unsure how to start learning the game. 2-student group combinations consisting of parent/child, granparent/grandchild, siblings and friends can learn golf in a professional, fun and supportive learning environment. Strengh in numbers applies even when taking a golf lesson.

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May 2010 Tip


We have all heard about the value of having a good plan. That goes for your golf game as well. Whether you are working with an instructor or on your own, develop a comprehensive lesson plan that includes all the components and aspects of your golf game. An example of a lesson plan would include an assessment of specific techniques related to the grip, stance, takeaway, downswing and follow-through; a schedule and duration for working on each of those aspects; and a way of measuring your successes.

With new or established students, TSKGolf instructors can establish a plan customized just for you that will focus on each and every part of your game and make you the best player you can be.


April 2010 Tip


There is nothing more satisfying then working with a junior player as they begin their relationship with the game of golf. Every parent with a child that shows interest in the game of golf would love him/her to be the next golf phenom. Whether that turns out to be the case or not, the absolute priority for both parent(s) and instructor is to make sure the junior gets quality instruction at the appropriate level of detail and also that the junior has fun.

Balancing instruction and fun with a junior is not as easy at it might seem considering at a young age there are many distractions. Depending on the juniors age and understanding of the game, spend time building good habits with regard to basic grip, stance and major stages of the swing. At this point it is not as much about the detail of a great swing but the development of a good, repeatable routine. If they establish a good routine, everything else will more easily fall into place over time.

Along with hitting balls on the range, spend quality time on the putting green. Young players like seeing the ball go in the hole as much as anybody. Make simple and fun putting challenges and don't forget development of a good putting routine.

Triple "S" Kinetic Golf specializes in working with juniors and has proven, significant success in this area. See your TSKGolf instructor today for more details.


March 2010 Tip


The most common mistake golfer's make is aligning the club face at the intended target. It is very easy to make this mistake and just as easy to fix it with the proper routine. Follow this approach to produce good, reliable alignment.

First, always view the intended target (line of flight) and visualize the shot from behind the ball. Never from the side.

Second, when approaching the ball from behind, always place the club head behind the ball first and then step into your stance. Imagine the club head is the bottom, base of the "T".

Third, line yourself up with the butt of the club, not the target line. Your body will always be left of your intended target for right handed players and inversely right of the target for left handed players.

Follow this alignment system and your shots will be on target every time.


February 2010 Tip


You must understand that there are numerous ways to swing a golf club. However, each golfer must find his/her kinetic golf swing. No one person can make the same golf swing every time. Obviously, better golfers have found a way to get closer to repeating their swings, kinetically speaking.

Now, what I just told you isn't anything new. But what everyone should be asking themselves is, why are these instructors trying to get you to swing like someone else, when that person can't duplicate his swing each time? Especially when all you want is a repeatable golf swing of your own.

First, most instructors really do know what a good traditional golf swing looks like. They can help you get pretty close to a traditional golf swing. However, only a hand full of instructors really understand kinetics, physics and the correct scientific forces which help and hurt you during the golf swing.

If you want to play better golf, you must learn golf under a system. The system must be scientific and must explain how your body works during the swing to improve. Otherwise, you may as well teach yourself.


January 2010 Tip


During clinics and private lessons, I’ve observed so many golfers swinging “from the sky”. Consistently, these students all have a very rough first move in transition from the takeaway to the downward motion from the top of the golf swing.

This is often a significant factor in the phenomena described as coming over the top. In transition your first motion downward should be at the same pace of your takeaway. You are setting up a powerful golf swing by transitioning from the correct kinetic body position.

The generation of power behind this move is the downward motion which begins as a reflex or an “involuntary reaction” to the takeaway before it actually has been completed. It must be understood that the release of the torque created by the upper and lower body initiates the uncoiling of the hips before the wrists are set. (at the top). Rushing the downswing in transition is destructive to your golf swing.


“Start down no faster than you take it up in your takeaway.

Past Tips

December 2009 Tip

Past tips will remain in this section throughout the year. Please re-visit them often to keep your overall game sharp.




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