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Our Method

Kinetics is the study of motion and its relationship to a rigid body. TSKGolf takes the science behind kinetics and directly applies it to a powerful golf motion. The two major forces around us that most affect our ability to perform on the golf course don't include how you hold the club, or if you shift your weight or even if you have visualized your shot. While these are important factors, and have been "taught to death", as players and regardless of our physical dexterity the two most significant forces that directly impact the result of our swings are centrifugal force and gravity.

The TSKGolf system focuses on twenty specific points encompassing all factors needed to execute a powerful swing with an emphasis on the relationships between body positions and these two key forces.

Performance Based Methodology

The TSKGolf system is a Performance Based Objective System based on years of experience founded in science. A detailed breakdown of the TSKGolf system identifies ten critical points that comprise a players body setup and ten additional position points in the actual swing which assure a quality motion resulting in solid ball striking and great results on the course. These twenty points form the basic structure of the kinetic golf swing. The importance of understanding non-logical body movement is at the center of the Triple "S" Kinetic golf philosophy.

For each movement, there is an opposite movement from both voluntary and involuntary muscle groups. It is important to understand the components of power and of natural forces, which directly affect the golf swing. The information on this site and the instruction available will allow you to build a foundamentally sound kinetic golf swing. Some of what you will find may seem opposite that which you have been taught or read in the past. As you will quickly learn, the fundamentals have not changed but in reality the subtle differences between players and their body types hasn't been addressed in traditional golf instruction. TSKGolf embraces those subtle differences with the application of kinetic science to make significant, repeatable and reliable changes to your golf swing.

We challenge you to experience the kinetic approach to instruction and learning. Our team of experienced instructors will provide you the methodologies to play your best golf more often and we are confident you can take your game to the next level.

Making better golfers one swing at a time.